Unfortunately, the Hickory Library is currently closed.


Library Rules and Information

Library Checkout procedures:

Students are allowed to check out one book during class visits.

1. Books are due by the next class visit.

2. Students cannot check out a new book until the previous one has been returned.

3. Students are allowed to renew their books with teacher approval.

Overdue notice:

  • Notice will be sent home after 2 weeks overdue.


Book Return Box:

  • If a student is absent or forgets to return a book, do not wait for the next class visit.

  • Return the book in the “Book Return Box” located in Room 31.

What if a book is damaged?

  • Accidents happen and books wear out. But do NOT try to fix any book.

  • Put a note in the book when returning.

  • What happens if a book gets lost or is severely damaged.

  • If a book is lost or severely damaged, parent or guardian must pay the replacement cost of that book.

  • f a lost book is found by the end of the school year and the replacement cost was paid in full, the replacement cost will be 100% refunded.