Hickory Library

Calling all Hickory families!


We encourage you to volunteer to help us make this year extra special for our students.

The library is 100% volunteer-based.


Let us know if you can donate some time to ensure our students get the learning benefits they missed out on last year!


Interested? Please email

Xindy Velasquez & Adrienne Downs

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Library Rules and Information

Library checkout procedure

Students are allowed to check out one book during class visits.

  1. Books are due by the next class visit.

  2. Students cannot check out a new book until the previous one has been returned.

  3. Students are allowed to renew their books with teacher approval.

Overdue notice

  • Notice will be sent home after 2 weeks overdue.

What if a book is damaged?

  • Accidents happen and books wear out. But do NOT try to fix any book.
    Put a note in the book when returning.

What happens if a book gets lost or is severely damaged?


  • If a book is lost or severely damaged, parent or guardian must pay the replacement cost of that book. If a lost book is found by the end of the school year and the replacement cost was paid in full, the replacement cost will be 100% refunded.