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2023 - 2024 Direct Donation Campaign

The Direct Donation fundraiser is our primary Fall Fundraiser. The amount raised during this campaign will determine how many programs, supplies, and activities the PTA will be able to support this school year. Thank you for supporting your Hickory Hounds!

Your support benefits Hickory Hounds through PTA sponsored programs, materials and events. More information will be posted soon for the 2023-2024 Direct Donation Campaign.


Our Direct Donation fundraising goal for 2023-2024 is $19,000, which will only cover a portion of our programs and events.

That sounds like a big number, and it is, so let's break down where the money goes!

  • Study Trips, Buses, and Assemblies alone will cost $31,000!

  • Student supplies for Adventures in Art will be $5,000 for the year.

  • New materials for the Hickory Library  are typically $3,000.

  • The  PTA fund teachers and classrooms with grants of $250 per teacher for a total of $9,750 this year.

  • Scholastic News is provided to all students at a cost of $6,250.

  • Free Community Events, like Move Night and Carnival, are expected to cost $5,250.

  • Administrative costs, taxes, and PTA required obligations are  expected to cost us $8,450 this year.

  • We also provide additional programs and events throughout the year totaling $8,900.


We are proud to have been able to provide additional gifts to Hickory Elementary throughout the years for technology and educational subscriptions and we'd like to be able to do this again. Every dollar we raise helps us give our students, teachers, staff, and families the best elementary school experience possible. 

Corporate Matching Program


Some employers match your donation dollar for dollar! This means that your dollars count twice as much in their support of our school! Other companies may wish to donate directly as a sponsor of our PTA. Email for more information.

Please consider donating ANY amount. 
Every dollar counts towards helping our kids and school!
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