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Volunteers Can Now Apply Online

New this year!

There can be more than one volunteer from each class for Library and Adventures in Art.

Please let your teacher and PTA know you're interested and we'll contact you.


We're also looking for Chairpersons for the following positions:


  • Multicultural Week

  • School Dances

  • Spring Carnival


We can't do these programs without your help!


How to Volunteer

  1. Let PTA know what you're interested in using the Volunteer Signup form (ALL volunteers, new and old, should fill out form).

  2. Submit TUSD Raptor Volunteer Application. Have ready pictures of your completed TB form and proof of covid vax / neg. covid test.

  3. You will receive an approval email from the district. Forward approval email directly to your program chair and cc:VP of Volunteers: Sofia Yassin

  4. Let your teacher know you're approved and get in touch with Hickory PTA.


You're READY to volunteer! 
Thank you! We appreciate your support!

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