November 4th - 8th

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This year during Book Fair Hickory PTA is hosting a Coin Challenge.  This is a yearly event Hickory does during our Book Fair week as a fun event for the kids.  Each grade level competes in generating the most points.  The students can choose to donate their loose change to this event anytime during the Book Fair.  When the students arrive at the Book Fair with their class the rules of the coin challenge are reviewed so that all students understand how the coin challenge works.  The rules are:


  1. Silver change such as quarters, dimes, and nickles count as positive points in the number of the coin.  So, quarters are 25 positive points.  So, silver change should be put in the container labeled with their current grade level on it.

  2. Copper change, pennies, are negative points, they count against you.  So each penny is -1 point.  So, pennies should be put in another grades container.

  3. The coin challenge is optional and they should check with their parents before donating their change to the coin challenge.


The profits of this are 100% given back to the students at Hickory Elementary.  The Book Fair Chairperson coordinates with the grade level teachers and Ms. Mabery, Hickory's Principle, determine the award the winning grade level will get using the profits during this current school year.  It will be announced at assemblies and Hickory PTA will make an announcement of the winning grade level and award on our Hickory PTA website.

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