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Hello Hickory Hound Families!


I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. My kids enjoyed the long days and homework free nights. I enjoyed the slow mornings with no lunches to pack or kids to rush out the door. Now that school has started, we love being back and seeing our friends. Who says school can't be fun?!


As we start the school year, the Hickory PTA is busy making sure we're able to best serve the students, staff, and families of our school.  Our Adventures in Art and Library teams are getting their rooms ready for students and our PTA Copy Center will be up and running soon for teachers to utilize.  We're also planning our PTA sponsored Movie Night in October so that all families can enjoy the campus outside of the school day.


All of these programs require the support of our community. That can be through Membership, Volunteering, Fundraising - or all three! This year our PTA theme is "Building Community Together" and anyone who has participated in a PTA event knows it's completely a group effort built from multiple volunteer hours and paid by donations made from various fundraisers.  As a member of the PTA you will have a voice in the events and programs we offer.  As a volunteer, your time is a valuable resource that supports the school and teachers. And all of our programs are made possible through donations from families, neighbors, and businesses.  This all might seem like a lot to ask of one person or family. But we aren't one family. Hickory is a school of more than 800 students!  So this year we're asking for your support to help us build up our Hickory community.  No volunteer hour or dollar amount is too small! 


With gratitude,

Amy Brownstone

Hickory PTA President

2023-2024 PTA Board & Committee Chairs


President: Amy Brownstone

Treasurer: Sunny Joo

Recording Secretary: Liana Osborne

1st VP (Programs): Stacey Wong

2nd VP (Fundraising): Tricia Cole

3rd VP (Volunteers): Cathy Uechi

4th VP (Communications): Keri Kaba-Dien

Financial Secretary: OPEN

Historian: Jayani Manikkage

Auditor: Mary Ishida

Parliamentarian: Nichol Leone

Advisor: Cindy Leach

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