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This Year's Reflections Theme was:
"Show Your Voice"

All entires can be seen in our 2022-23 Hickory PTA Reflections Virtual Art Gallery

Congratulations to Our Torrance Council of PTAs Level Winners
These students won against all other participating schools in TUSD!

Jaehan Park - 1st Place in Visual Arts (Intermediate)
Jaehan will go on to compete at the 33rd District of PTAs level against schools in 20 other cities. 


Layla Joo - 2nd Place in Dance Choreography (Primary)

Neil Yakkundi - 2nd Place in Film Production (Intermediate)

Henry Carlson - 2nd Place in Literature (Primary)

Jude Engoy - 2nd Place in Music Composition (Intermediate)

Hayoon Shin - 3rd Place in Visual Arts (Primary)

CONGRATULATIONS to all our 2022-2023 Reflections winners and participants!

Dance Choreography - Primary

1st place: Layla Joo

2nd place: Emma Yeh

3rd place: Keanu Taylor

Dance Choreography - Intermediate

1st place: Jaewon Lee


Film Production - Intermediate

1st place: Neil Yakkundi

2nd place: Matthew Cha

3rd Place: Sanaya Nampalliwar

Literature - Primary

1st place: Henry Carlson

2nd place: Nayra Nampalliwar

3rd place: Tessa Awshee


Literature - Intermediate

1st place: Lydia Tseng

2nd place: Kailani Taylor

3rd place: James Cha

3rd place: Avish Banerjee

Music Composition - Intermediate

1st place: Jude Engoy

2nd place: Mason Kim (TIE)

2nd place: Avish Banerjee (TIE)

3rd place: Philip Ro

Star Badge

Photography - Primary

1st place: Tessa Awshee

2nd place: Keanu Taylor

Photography - Intermediate

1st place: Neil Yakkundi

2nd place: Leo Romero (TIE)

2nd place: Avish Banerjee (TIE)

3rd place: Katherine Nitu

Visual Arts - Primary

1st place: Hayoon Shin

2nd place: Olivia Lai

3rd place: Enoch Yang

3rd place: Lael Hong

3rd place: Leanne Park

Olivia Kim, 1st Grade

Claire Kim, 2nd Grade

Alicia Tseng, 2nd Grade

Visual Arts - Intermediate

1st place: Jaehan Park

2nd place: Summer McDonald (TIE)

2nd place: Philip Ro (TIE)

2nd place: Yeojun (Justin) Kang (TIE)

3rd place: Ian Chung 

3rd place: Mason Kim 

3rd place: Ashley Haejin

3rd place: Chloe Haemin

3rd place: Jaewon Lee

Star Badge

What is Reflections?

Reflections is a National PTA arts recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence, and find a love for learning. 


Every year, students are presented with a new theme. Submissions can be in the form of art work, writing, poetry, any form of artistic expression. Participation is optional, however we encourage all students to participate! 

Program Chairs: Sunny Joo & Sara Romero

Please enjoy this Virtual Art Gallery of Hickory PTA's 2021-22 Reflections art contest entries. 

Thank you to all our judges, students, teachers, and families that were involved in this year’s contest.

Hope to see all of you continuing to create art and expressing yourselves. Together, we can work to make the world a better place!

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