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Box Tops

Did you know you can help earn money for Hickory by clipping Box Tops and turning them in? Our school will receive 10 cents for each Box Top submitted! For a list of participating products, please visit

Another exciting feature of Box Tops is now you can also submit the Box Tops electronically! Download the Box Top app for free and submit your receipts to earn more Box Tops for Hickory. So easy and earn money for Hickory. A Win-Win!!

For additional information, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Tricia Cole via email at

Thank you for your support of Hickory! 

How to turn in Box Tops (paper version):

  1. Use the attached collection sheet. Do not forget to write your student’s name, teacher’s name and classroom number on the sheet. It is OK if you have less than 25 Box Tops. Any amount helps Hickory! Ensure they are not expired.

  2. If you have Bonus Box Tops, please do NOT glue them onto the collection form.  Please submit them separately.

  3. You may also submit Box Tops by placing them in a ziplock bag or envelope. Ensure you include your student’s name, teacher’s name and classroom number.Please ensure all Box Tops submitted are NOT expired. Any expired Box Tops submitted will not be able to earn money for Hickory.

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For more information on the BoxTops program or on the new App, click on the image.

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