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Foster Care Gift Card

Imagine being removed from the only life you've known - family, pets, friends, school,
activities. Imagine the abuse or neglect that caused that removal.

Imagine life in the foster care system; transition, uncertainty, and multiple foster homes (if
one can be found.) Imagine never feeling like you belong or,worse,that your unwanted.
Imagine this was your child we were talking about.

Please join Torrance Council of PTAs in making their holidays a

little brighter!

We are collecting gift cards for TEENS! They are often overlooked and this will likely
be the only gift they receive.

DCFS (Dept. of Children and Family Services) has kindly asked for $25 gift cards for
these THREE STORES ONLY: Target, Walmart, and H&M! *(Please make sure the
dollar amount is marked/attached to the card.) Please, NO Starbucks or food
giftcards (they already have.) Donations of toiletries, candy canes, comic books, school
items – holiday fun or practical stuff are welcomed, too!

If you want a tax-deductible receipt, please put gift card(s) in an envelope with your
name,home address, and phone number, and say you and say you would like a receipt! It will be mailed!
Please spread the word! Great idea for service/scout groups, book clubs, etc.!


The due date is Wednesday, December 6 th , at the Holiday Luncheon

Thank you so much! Cindy Shields, Foster Care Outreach Chair 310-375- 2494

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